Italian food – one of the worlds most celebrated cuisines. We fell in love with it too while traveling Italy. As gelato being one of our absolute favorites there.

On this we can agree with our guest blogger Lily Evans as she shares with us today 8 Must Try dishes in Italy.


8 Must Try dishes in Italy

Apart from the picturesque landscape and beautiful architecture, what do you envisage when I speak about Italy? Food! Am I right? Italy is one of the best beautiful places in the world with some of the most finger licking, lip smacking food items which you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Italian food has been popular among travelers as well as the locals. Italian cuisine represents its culture, traditions and the country itself. Apart from the extraordinary names of the dishes, the divine tastes of those are nowhere to be found in the whole world.

Authentic Italian food is generally available at the local chefs’ stores and restaurants off the beaten tourist track. So do not hesitate to skip the highly alluring restaurants and try out the local food stores and bars. With the best cooking techniques and fancy names, you simply cannot resist the plate of happiness which is presented to you. You can commit the crime of overeating and crash your diet and workouts with these sinfully delicious delicacies. So add these must try divine Italian indulgences to your checklist, when you pay Italy a visit.

1. Gelato


Beginning the list with a dessert is simply ridiculous but I just could not resist bringing it up. With my in depth love for ice cream (I am sure, it is yours too), gelato will be a level up (probably even more) when you have one in a cone or a cup. Italy has the best gelato in the world with an endless list of flavors and additions. You just simply cannot say no to it! The smooth texture of the gelato simply melts in your mouth when you eat it. Almost every part of Italy has its own gelaterias and the taste is a sheer indulgence.


2. Pizza Margherita

pizza margherita

Italy and pizza are two terms that are bonded together since ages. Going to Italy and not having an Italian pizza will make you look ridiculous. Italy has a wide range of pizzas with their traditional thin crust base. Roman style pizza (pizza bassa) is prepared with a special homemade sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil. You would find pizza Margherita in any corner of the world, but the one made in Italy will keep you spell bounded.

3. Ravioli


Italian ravioli has the most authentic and original taste compared to other similar dishes, even though there are speculations about ravioli not being founded in Italy. With ricotta and spinach being the most preferred ravioli dish, there are other relishing combinations available too. This dish is specifically noteworthy for the non- vegetarians who can choose between a lot of different meat ravioli. The ravioli portions are served in large sizes and generally two pieces per dish are more than satisfying.

4. Pasta


Pizzas and pasta are the most recognized dishes in Italian cuisine. Various pasta dishes are available in all regions of Italy, ranging from meat, vegetables to cheese and eggs. The most sought after factor in having an authentic Italian pasta dish is that the pasta is hand made with the most intriguing techniques. The sauces are hand cooked with a variety of ingredients which give them the rich Italian flavor. Another fun part in exploring Italian pasta dishes is that they are available in various shapes, such as penne, bow shaped and spaghetti to name a few. Interesting combinations are expected when you order any type of pasta dish.

5. Lasagna


Lasagna is yet another dish which is associated with the roots of Italian cuisine and proudly exclaims the Italian culture and tradition. With layers of meat, vegetables, pasta and cheese, this heavenly dish can linger on your taste buds after hours of having it. The sauces used in the dish give out an authentic Italian taste and are simply cherishing. One of the most sought after ingredients in lasagna is the bolognese sauce, which enhances the entire dish. Do remember to look out for it whenever you plan to visit Italy.

6. Prosciutto


Preferred especially by the Italians themselves, prosciutto is a pork based dish which is wrapped around cheese or melon. It is one of the most relishing dishes in the pages of travelers as well as the locals themselves. It is not cooked and served in thin slices. Meat is cured and served with pasta or any combination of vegetables and cheese. It is simply light and airy and melts in your mouth. It is known to top the list of the most relishing pork products ever and is in huge demand all over the year.

7. Coffee


Italian coffee (or known as caffee in Italy) is one of the best-known coffee in the world. Bars in Italy serve Italian espresso shots along with a variety of coffee items in their menu. Although espresso coffee is the top priority among coffee lovers, there is no disappoint for Americano lovers too. Italy has the best Americano and cappuccino coffee too. The rich and strong aroma of the coffee simply awakens your senses. Just get there and have a hot, steaming cup of aromatic coffee already.

8. Tiramisu


Tiramisu is a popular Italian dessert that is relished at any point of the year. The light and creamy texture of the dessert simply swoops you away from the ground. It is sought after by both the locals as well as the tourists. The core ingredients of this dish are eggs, mascarpone cheese, coffee, sugar, cocoa, and ladyfingers. But with years of practice and inventions, there are many modifications made to the dessert and it is available in a variety of flavors. It is mixed with a lot of delicious ingredients such as fruits, chocolate, and other cream cheese. Coming from the region of Veneto, tiramisu is available in all sizes and shapes and is generally served in ice cream cups when you visit a restaurant in Italy.


Lily Evans from Sky We Fly

Guest blogger Lily Evans from Sky We Fly