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Who we are?

We are Kristine and Andris, a couple, who love to share the passion for travelling with others, to connect people with places they might otherwise never see or hear about and to show that planning your own holidays / vacations are as easy as booking premade tours from travel agents, but, for a much better price, saving you money for the fun stuff. Travelling on a budget does not mean less fun, it’s quite the opposite.

Our Travel Philosophy

There is more to the world than meets the eye.

5 star All Inclusive Beach resort in Egypt, charming B&B in Italy or Hostel in France we have done them all. Would it be local cuisine, architecture or beach you are after, with your own planning you can choose your accommodation that suits your needs best.  It opens up opportunities to explore your chosen location

more in-depth, rather let the travel agent dictate your preferences. Would you rather pay expensive taxi rates to/from your suburban hotel or spend that money in the “out of this world” restaurant your friends keep raving about once they are back home from a holiday? I thought so too… So let us inspire you to make the first step on planning your own holiday, it is easier than you thought….

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

-Lao Tzu    

Going local has the most fun and you can enjoy much closer connection to the country through its people, cuisine and culture. Ones you open yourself to the opportunity, there is no going back and you want more..

More about us…

Although we had our minds set on long term travelling, currently we are holiday travellers with a day job. The longest time Kristine has been on road is during her career brake of 4 months.

As you would have noticed in our Photos & Video page, we love museums and historic sites. So our travel itineraries involves around them a lot. But we don’t forget about the fun part too, any theme parks and outdoor activities are on our To Do list too. But those rarely get photographed, well to be honest there is no time to take photos, while you’re enjoying hands on activities…

We are originally from Latvia, Baltic States, yes it’s in Europe you guessed correctly, but currently living just a few steps away from one of the most scenic routes in Southern Ireland – Ring of Kerry – part of Atlantic Way.

Fun facts about us:

  • There was a time, when Kristine had PINK hair. Yes, I know I thought I was a normal kid too

  • Andris still refuses to eat frog’s legs, after two failed attempts to seduce him with the fat ones in Chiang Mai and the skinny ones in Paris. Don’t know what’s the fuss, they taste like chicken with added sugar, oh well…

  • Our biggest arguments usually are about map and directions; Andris thinks he is a natural compass, while Kristine tries to follow the map.  Well sometimes neither of us are right..

  • Andris is at his best while haggling. Best haggle so far – extra adventure – white water rafting for free in Chiang Mai

Where have we been?

of 7 continents
of 195 countries
Czech Republic
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
Canary Islands:

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