A trip to Italy was just a spur at the moment thing again like the one to Stonehenge – see the pattern forming 🙂   My mum have had Norway on her travel bucket list for some time.. So she rang me one evening with the idea to travel to there by car so we could see the most of the country. Well she would drive to Norway and I would fly in and meet her there since we live 3000 km apart. So I said ok let’s do it, we haven’t been on a mother daughter trip for a while, so I agreed. But after some Google image searches she quickly changed her mind driving the narrow mountain roads. So with none of our “boys” agreeing to come with us to drive the car, I was on a lookout for a new destination. After some time of scanning the sky, Bergamo airport popped up on my map, it was perfect only an hour difference between our two meeting flights and the roads here where a lot closer to the ground  😛

So Italy it is…

One of many picturesque canals in Venice, Italy

One of many picturesque canals in Venice, Italy

Coincidently our second last trip together was to Italy as well to Rome to be more precise back in 2012.  But this time our idea was to rent a car and travel around the picturesque Lake Garda area. Well as always not everything goes according to the plan! After booking our flights, I discovered, that it was not possible to return the car on our departure day because of Ferragosto or Assumption Day. It is an Italian national holiday celebrated on August 15 – marking the holiday season. During this time many Italians close their businesses and restaurants and head for a well deserved holiday by the beach. Well never mind enjoy your well deserved holidays, we will figure out something.

My mum had mentioned that she would love to see Venice and Florence. At first I shrugged at the idea because we only had one week and the cities were nowhere near Lake Garda. With the car it would take us more than 3 hours in one way to see Florence and another two to Venice, plus where are you supposed to park the car on Island that doesn’t have cars? But now when the car was out of the equation a new idea had sparked in my mind – Train – Fast Speed Train


Milan train

High speed train from Florence to Milan 310+km in just hour and half… Not bad at all…

And after some searching on Trenitalia website for trains connecting the cities – itinerary was born:

Bergamo – Venice – Verona – Florence – Pisa – Florence – Milan

 6 trains of total cost of  EUR 76,20 per person, that’s less than EUR 13 each trip… Jackpot

It is going to be amazing trip… So excited… 😀

More to follow…