“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”    

― Lao Tzu

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World Heritage Checklist

World Heritage Checklist "Heritage: A Gift from the Past to the Future" World Heritage List currently consist of 1052 Properties across the world, but so far we have only seen a fracture of it - 39 [...]

Venice – Is it really worth a visit?

I haven't encountered a single person who wouldn't know anything about Venice, Italy. It is one of the world’s most famous cities. Located on more than 100 little islands connected with bridges, picturesque canals, bustling pedestrian streets and featuring [...]


Travel blogger community is like a big family – support to each other is invaluable, have a question, need a tip - just ask and it shall be answered…  So to show your support and introduce bloggers to other [...]

  • Milano Centrale train station

Tips on how to & booking a trip to Italy by train

Even though there is never the right way on how to do the travel planning some common ground can be found in all the tips on this topic. You might have a different approach to planning, but following below [...]

Central and Northern Italy by train

So Italy it is.. This time Andris has chosen to mind our two babies - cockatiels – Coco and Tuki at home and let me enjoy some well-deserved mommy and daughter time as my mom joins me for the trip. Coincidently [...]

How our travel plans for Norway got changed to Italy by train

A trip to Italy was just a spur at the moment thing again like the one to Stonehenge - see the pattern forming 🙂   My mum have had Norway on her travel bucket list for some time.. So she [...]

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